• High Gain Amplifier


  • Heavy Duty LVS System

  • Battery

  • Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)

  • UPS

Its All About Setting Standards

Topaz operates in entire Northern India through a dedicated sales/services team of more than 30 qualified and technically compentent persons, capable of providing on the site solution and deft in trouble shooting. 

Area of Business

  1. EPAX/ EPABX (Analogue/ Digital/ Full rang any combination.)
  2. Life Communication System.
  3. Life Communication System.
  4. Plan 101-106 System.
  5. Push Button Phones.
  6. Power Inverter (Digital/ Mosfet)
  7. UPS (ON Line - Off Line)
All the above products are feature packed, trouble free based on latest available technologies at afordable prices. All the features of each product is fully illustrated in our brochure. The company lays emphasis on following concepts while designing the product. 

Lift Communication System

The company has also added ceratin additional features for safety in lift car system thus strenghtening our commitment & resolve towards safe and superior products.The company through tie ups with leading manufacturer of elevators like,OTLIS & ECE have felt the need for designing a trouble free systems in lift car as it is very very important at the time of emergency situation,like power failure,technical snags,when lift comes to halt and the doors remain closed thus triggering panic rections in the people trapped in the lift.This being a lifethreating situation the hope lies in telecon equipment for communication with outside world for rescue.The following features have been added in lift car telecom system.
  1. Crystal clear communication with control room,main gates or reception etc.
  2. Simultaneous three to four way communicatin for immediate attention.
  3. Activation of heavy duty hooter for rescue operation.
  4. Lift car to lift car communication for extra help.
  5. Robust design for easy installation
  6. Safe guard against theft and misuse.



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